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At NEOSS, we don't force the issue.

For us, innovation is more than 'the latest' or 'the most complex', it is about

finding the most effective solution from a new perspective.

Pushing beyond state-of-the-art

We close the gap between the latest innovations in academia and the urgent needs in manufacturing, giving you the edge over lagging competitors.

Seamless System Integration

Our solutions are compatible with most systems, new and old, because of our brand-independent approach.

Data Science

Combining our knowledge of best data analysis practices and your process knowledge, we build the best expertise-driven data models customised for your goals.

Human-centered development

We bring simplicity and transparency to the most complex technologies, because usability of our solutions is our main priority.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

For an award-winning research project at Tata Steel in the Netherlands, one of our innovators tackled an extremely complex question: How can steel defects be classified which are visually indistinguishable?

From scratch, he researched and developed a system using Deep Learning, image data and timeseries data, increasing steel defect classification accuracy from 30% to 86%, which enabled automation of root-cause analyses. This lead to an increase in root-cause analysis speed by more than 1000 times, with human-like accuracy. This system is currently running at Tata Steel plants in the Netherlands and Belgium, generating quantified insights in millions of € in losses annually.

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