Gokul Sreenivas

Product Manager

Gokul is from the southern part of India, Kerala. After completing his BSc. in mechanical engineering he founded ‘STAD TechnoInnovation Pvt limited’. STAD took up many enterprise digitization projects in domains of manufacturing and customer relationship management, some of which involved state-of-the-art RF tagging of personals, assets and process optimization.

After exiting STAD in 4 years, Gokul joined as the senior product designer at Amphenol. He was highly recognized in the organization for his holistic approach to design considering aspects of product, process and cost simultaneously. Being a designer, Gokul has launched a few high volume products into the market for Amphenol. As part of Kaizen events he has also developed multiple process improvements integrating software and IoT to reduce part rejection and improve cycle time.

Further he specializes in Human Centered Design with a dual masters from Spain and Netherlands.

His unique ability to understand the intricate requirements of manufacturing, possibilities of technology and users, makes him the right person to find you a simple solution for your complex problem.

Gokul Sreenivas